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Hyper Pokémon Terminal Theme

Paul Halliday
Paul Halliday

I'm a big fan of the Hyper Terminal and I'm always looking for new themes. I recently came across the Pokémon theme(s) and I've been using it ever since!

Here's some pictures of the variety of options available with the theme.


To get started, you can either install hyper-pokemon via the Hyper CLI with:

# Hyper CLI
$ npm install -g hpm-cli

# Install via Hyper CLI
$ npm install hyper-pokemon


You can also install it manually by editing your Hyper preferences:

$ code ~/.hyper.js

You can then add the following to your plugins list:

plugins: ['hyper-pokemon']

To select a theme, you can add the following under your colors object within your preferences:

colors: {
pokemon: 'pikachu', // You can also set 'random' here.
pokemonSyntax: 'light', // Tab colour: 'light' or 'dark'
unibody: 'true', // Colour of the Hyper window header.


Paul Halliday

👋 Want to see more content? Head over to the YouTube channel:!