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JavaScript (ES6)+ : String Concatenation with Template Literals

Paul Halliday
Paul Halliday

Have you ever ran into code that looks something like this?

const firstName = "Paul"
const lastName = "Halliday"

const greeting = "Hello, my name is " + firstName + " " + lastName

// Hello, my name is Paul Halliday

In order to combine the firstName and lastName into a greeting, we're using the + operator.

Whilst this works in practice, it's kind of annoying because we have to manually add spaces, whitespace, and then remember to concatenate our next variable.

Thankfully, there's a better way to do this.

String Interpolation using Backticks

We can use the backtick `` (found next to Z or 1) on your keyboard instead of quotes to concatenate strings as seen here:

const firstName = "Paul"
const lastName = "Halliday"

const greeting = `Hello, my name is ${firstName} ${lastName}`

Inside of our backticks we're using the ${expression} syntax, where expression resolves to the function or variable that we want to show.

Browser support

As always, you should be careful about using any new syntax without a compilation step/polyfill.

Here's the list of browsers that support this syntax:


Paul Halliday

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