Logitech K780 Multi-Device Keyboard Review

Logitech K780 Multi-Device Keyboard Review

The Logitech K780 multi-device wireless keyboard is used to control up to three devices and is relatively portable weighing in at 837g and 380.8mm long. It is a decent travel companion, but is a little heavier than your standard portable keyboard due to the inbuilt device stand. It's made of a durable plastic and metal framing with outer rubber trim to ensure it can survive day to day life.


Setup of the device out of the box is a straight and easy process. You'll need to remove the battery tab to activate the batteries, and the only other thing is to flick the on/off switch located at the side of the keyboard. It comes with 2x AAA batteries and a Bluetooth USB receiver, for devices without Bluetooth.


To pair this keyboard with a device, hold down one of the white (1, 2, 3) keys until the LED flashes and subsequently connect to the keyboard. You may need to type in the pair code on the keyboard itself and hit the return key. To add more devices to the keyboard, follow the same process with the other white keys. The presets are saved to each device, allowing you to switch between with ease.

Device and OS

This keyboard is compatible with all modern day operating systems, officially supporting everything from Windows, Android, iOS to Mac OSX, and Chrome OS. The only requirements to be met for compatibility is the version of OS that runs on each device and must be running at or higher than the following:

  • Windows 7
  • Android 5
  • iOS 5
  • Mac OSX 10.10
  • Chrome OS



As it supports such a wide array of devices, the multi use functionality plays a key role and it's an extremely useful feature that the majority of keyboards don't have.

This keyboard is largely targeted at the user that has multiple devices in their work flow. I'm currently using it to move between my iMac, iPad and Macbook Pro when writing and creating my courses/books. The process of switching between devices is as simple as selecting the connected device number on the keyboard, with a small delay of 200-400ms when switching.


Type a letter on one, reply to an email on another and then switch again to finish that blog post. 3 devices, 1 keyboard means a lot less hassle, less cost and no wires!

Further Features

On top of that, the keyboard has a built in stand at the back, supporting a wide array of devices up to 0.4 inches thick. This means most if not all modern handhelds will fit and be held securely in place at a 3 degree angle, so you can see the screen comfortably.

The battery slot is located on the base of the keyboard and contains two AAA Duracell batteries. The 2.4hgz logitech Bluetooth USB reciever can also be found inside the base, keeping it safe from potential damage when not in use and allows for portability.

Battery life can be anywhere up to 24 months depending upon usage of the keyboard, which is more than enough. Personally, I'd have preferred if this was rechargeable similar to the Apple keyboard but 24 months is more than enough. When the batteries do eventually start to run out, the battery indicator light lets you know when they're beginning to run low so you can pop in some new ones - handy!

Using the Keyboard

Using the keyboard itself is an enjoyable experience, it's comfortable to type on for even long periods of time and the buttons are quiet yet satisfying to press. The keys are circular rather than square, a novel design that I haven't seen on many other keyboards, yet I haven't found myself noticing any negative differences.


It totals 107 keys, 98 standard and 9 hotkeys with a full sized number pad. When you're finished using the keyboard you can either turn it off or take advantage of the auto-sleep feature. The keyboard has a 10 metre supported range, you can make yourself comfy and still stay connected to your 3 devices at once. It also offers 128bit AES encryption, so you can rest assured that your keystrokes aren't being tampered with.


RRPing at £74.99 with a full two years warranty, it's in the mid range price point for a keyboard with these features. This is especially important to keep in mind when considering even higher priced keyboards often don't offer multi device support.

Overall, this keyboard it has a sleek finish, quiet buttons, a universally sized device stand and is multi-device. If you frequently use multiple devices throughout your week or travel often, then this keyboard is definitely a solid choice.