Making Phone Calls with Fuse

Making Phone Calls with Fuse

When Drake made "Hotline Bling", he was referencing a 'cell phone' which had to have had an application with phone call functionality. Let's build exactly that with Fuse.


To get started, let's make ourselves a new Fuse project.

# Create a new application
$ fuse create app PhoneCall

Now we have to add the Fuse.Launcher package to our PhoneCall.unoproj

  "Packages": [
  "Includes": [

I'm then adding a Button to our MainView.ux which is attached to a Clicked event, allowing us to call a phoneCall function within our JavaScript.

    <Button Clicked={phoneCall} Text="Call"></Button>

Now, we can access the Phone library and call the function. As we've exported the function, it's then in the scope of our Button's Clicked event.

    var phone = require("FuseJS/Phone");

    module.exports = {
        phoneCall: function() {

You should now be able to make phone calls within your Fuse applications! :)