I'm noticing the same comments popping up on the channel lately. "What Visual Studio Code theme are you using?"... the answer to that is Monokai Pro! I've yet to purchase the license as I'm having fun evaluating the different theme colours on offer, but I have to say, I'm super impressed.

It plays well with the font I use, Operator Mono and I've been looking for a theme that's aesthetic and customisable. Monokai Pro has a variety of different theme colours you can choose from, but my favourite is the Filter Octogon by far.


Installing Monokai Pro

The setup instructions are for Visual Studio Code, but I have to imagine it's similar for Sublime Text.

  1. Download 'Monokai Pro' from the Visual Studio Code Extensions Marketplace
  2. Hit CMD + P or CTRL + P and select > Color Themes
  3. Select your variant of Monokai Pro from the list
  4. Tada!

I'd love to know what theme you're using! Hit me up in the comments or @PWHSoftware.