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NativeScript Vue and Vuex

Paul Halliday
Paul Halliday

I'm excited to announce my latest project over at NativeScripting.comNativeScript Vue and Vuex! This course provides an overvue of Vuex and looks at how we can apply it to our NativeScript Vue projects.

Throughout the course, we'll look at everything from what state means, to appropriately mutating state with actions, mutations, as well as using getters to slice state when we need it most. We'll also be using the module approach to separate our state into different containers.

Finally, we'll be spending time to ensure that our workflows are scalable by using the map helpers. This stops us having to manually access state, actions, mutations and getters with the $store prototype, and makes extending our Store a breeze!

This course follows on from Alex's Introduction to NativeScript Vue course over at As we're primarily focused on state management here, if you're new to Vue and the surrounding ecosystem, I'd recommend you take that one first.


Paul Halliday

👋 Want to see more content? Head over to the YouTube channel:!