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Create Monorepo Flutter Apps Using Nx Workspaces

Nx Workspaces allow you to create Flutter apps using a monorepo approach. This allows you to create apps that are self-contained and libraries that can be used in multiple projects.

10 min read

How to use the Flutter Stepper Widget in Flutter 2.6.0

The Stepper widget can be used to display a series of steps in a linear fashion. You can display the steps in a horizontal or vertical orientation, and you can customize the appearance of the steps.

8 min read

Panoramic Image Viewer in Flutter using the panorama plugin

Have you ever wanted to display 360 degree images inside of your Flutter application(s)? The panorama plugin is a simple way to do exactly that.

2 min read

How to Host a Flutter Web Project on Firebase Hosting

In this tutorial you'll learn how to host a Flutter application on Firebase Hosting.

3 min read

Dart/Flutter: What does copyWith() do?

If you're new to Flutter, you may be wondering what copyWith() does. It's a method that allows you to copy a widget and change some of its properties. Let's look at an example!

4 min read

How to Display Markdown in Flutter using flutter_markdown

Have you ever been in a position where you want to display a large amount of text on screen? Granted, you could do this with a widget tree using Text, RichText, Column and so on, but this isn't very scalable.  It also doesn't lend itself to being adaptable/editable quickly by people outside t

3 min read

Using json_serializable to Serialise Dart/Flutter Models

In this article we're going to be looking at how we can use the json_serializable package to parse from/convert to json model instances within Flutter. We'll also look at how to use JsonConverter\<X, Y> to write custom conversions for non-primitive types.Project SetupAs always, we'll be s

6 min read

Multi Device Debugging with Flutter and VS Code

Want to debug your Flutter applications on multiple devices at the same time? Sure, you can use the terminal and flutter CLI tool to start multiple instances, but we can also do this inside of VS Code and take advantage of the debugger.SetupMake a folder inside the root of your project na

2 min read

Rethink Flutter Navigation with the Flow Builder Package

Okay. I'll admit it. I've wanted to play around with Navigator 2.0, but I haven't got around to it yet. This abstraction over Navigator 2.0 did catch my eye though - it's called and was built by the folks over at \[Very Good Ventures]\(https:/

9 min read

Using the Master-Detail Pattern with Flutter

By now, you'll have used many applications which follow the one of the most popular UX patterns - Master > Detail views. You may not know it by name, but it's essentially comprised of:A list of some elements, let's call it a list of emails with partial information (a title and a small excerp

10 min read

How to use Freezed with Flutter

If you're new to Flutter or haven't used immutable classes before, you may not see an immediate value in using freezed. This article is here to show you why you should consider thinking about this topic and then how to implement this with freezed.Let's dive right in by creating a new Flut

17 min read


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