Top 2 Visual Studio Code Extensions for Angular Developers

Top 2 Visual Studio Code Extensions for Angular Developers

Not a day goes by where I don't think to myself, how can I improve my development experience? Thankfully, Visual Studio Code has a rich set of customisation options and plugins, allowing me to tailor my editor to my needs.

1. Angular Language Service

I write a lot of Angular and ever since installing the Angular Language Service I haven't looked back, thus, this is definitely a required extension for all Angular developers using VS Code.

This allows for autocomplete inside of your in-line templates or template files. It also goes much deeper than that, as you can get strict error handling of Angular-specific diagnostics.

2. Angular v4 TypeScript Snippets

The Angular v4 TypeScript Snippets by John Papa allow us to quickly create boilerplate code for numerous different scenarios.

You can create everything from Components, Modules, Services and even AuthGuards. Even though you can still use the Angular CLI to generate project files, I find it to be much quicker to generate what I need within my editor.

What's your favourite productivity improving extensions? Let me know in the comments!