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Visual Studio Code Extension - Auto Import

Paul Halliday
Paul Halliday

As you may know already, I'm a big fan of Visual Studio Code. I'm always looking for ways to improve my development experience, and lately I've been using an extension named Auto Import.

Auto Import

If you've ever been in a scenario where you know exactly what dependency to import inside of your project, but you don't know the path... Auto Import helps with this problem! It'll give you a handy popup along with your standard IntelliSense dialog:

Auto Import

As you can probably tell, this extension saves us a substantial amount of time in the long run. Let's look at installing it on our machine.

Install the Extension

In order to install the extension within our editor, hit COMMAND + P or CTRL + P and type ext install autoimport. Alternatively, you can select the 'Extensions' tab from within Visual Studio Code and search for 'Auto Import'.

Auto Import - Extensions

Select the green install button and reload your editor. You'll then have all the benefits of Auto Import! :)

Visual Studio Code

Paul Halliday

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